Space & Hydrospace

Now you think, that by the very nature, by definition the bottom of the ocean and outer space must be as far apart as they can possibly be, and yet the fact is, that the commonality of the equipment we use and the problems, that we face are almost identical.” Dr. Phil Nuytten, TEDx West Vancouver, 2016.

Image by Alphonse de Neuville for Jules Verne’s “Vingt mille lieues sous les mers”, 1869

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Undersea Station: Data Processing

(Updated 15.01.2021 – complete re-edit of post; updated concept map) The Digital Data Processing of the station will be of major importance. Beside the conventional functions of the IT systems we should use the opportunity to establish a completely new approach concerning the User Interface (UI) and the system’s interaction with the aquanauts.

Habitat Greenhouse

Is there a way to grow kitchen plants inside an underwater habitat? Can we build cubicle cells for that purpose or should we use off-the-shelf products like Plantcube, an indoor greenhouse?


Habitat Entrance

The moonpool of habitat Hydrolab
Moonpool of Hydrolab

(Updated 29.11.2020; re-edit of the hatches chapter) Surely one of the most complicated area of an underwater structure for human occupation is the habitat entrance. It is the local water-air interface, vulnerable to changes in pressure by tidal movements on the surface of the sea; its hatches have to bare potential pressure differences between the habitat interior and the surrounding water; no object that is only a little bigger than the greatest diameter of the entrance can be brought into the habitat. It is constantly wet and humid and the only gateway for medical assistance. But to see in detail let’s have a look at the different sections of the entrance complex. Continue reading “Habitat Entrance”


Housekeeping in an underwater habitat is a crucial part of habitability. It plays a primary role in maintaining the cleanliness of the habitat and thus the crew’s health and safety, which will consequently boost their morale, comfort, and productivity. Continue reading “Housekeeping”

ESA Qualification

We are very happy that our proposal of an European Underwater Research Center has been qualified today by ESA to be presented for discussion and vote. So there is a realistic chance for funding of a detailed feasibility process leading to the construction of the first module(s).


Scene from Aquarius Habitat(updated 15.09.2020: added adaptations from the NASA Human Integration Handbook) Recreation is an important consideration for maintaining high morale, psychological and physiological health in an underwater habitat, especially for long durations. This section provides guidelines for recreational activities.