About CalamarPark

CalamarPark.com is an independent ‘Initiative for Studies on Aquanautic‘. Our aim is to develop a new generation of underwater habitats by collecting all information of former projects, especially from the series of habitats of the 60’s and 70’s, and combine them with suggestions of the worldwide internet community and new technologies.

Within this scope we are convinced that this is the best approach to attract attention for the marine habitat and increase interest to its environmental issues.

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Latest Draft

In opposite to other underwater habitats of the past CalamarPark’s new draft is of truly habitable size, modular and semi-mobile. The design covers all Modi Operandi (construction, towing, lowering, securing, lifting).

‘realistic, cost effective and scaleable – trifecta of intelligent design’

Liz Taylor, President of DOER Marine

In fact, the modular design does not only present the possibility to adjust future modules according to current mission goals and therefore offers long-term planning. It also reduces the costs of the initial construction and allows to extend the structure according to specific budgets.

Since the modules are constructed on multi-purpose platforms, the habitat can be detached, lifted to the surface and towed to a different location, if necessary. The final draft represents an optimized ratio between cost and function. It is planned to act as a hub, providing air, energy and water to similar endeavors of different design in its close vicinity, turning the location into an underwater technology park.

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CalamarPark surveyed and defined ten potential applications of underwater habitats for human occupation. The result of these surveys led to the concept of a semi-permanent modular underwater habitat, that is designed to cover all requirements of theses sectors.

At the same time this definition may also be used as a guide for potential investors to get inspired about how to benefit from an underwater habitat.

It should be taken to account that an underwater habitat might serve several different sectors at the same time, e.g. tourism and marine science and education.

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