Seafloor Habitat 2.0 – Ignition Con

The recording of the “Seafloor Habitat 2.0 – Ignition Con” is edited and online, belated endorsed as an activity of the United Nations Ocean Decade:

Seafloor Habitat 2.0 - Ignition Con

What are the challenges for the construction of underwater habitats? How can they be used for underwater archaeology? What are the commonalities between space and hydrospace? How can underwater habitats serve marine conservation? What can we expect for the future of underwater living?

Meet all people who should know:
Martin Henke (D); founder of CalamarPark
Omar Alayli (CAN/D); Entrepreneur, Space Architect
Dr. Hakan Öniz (TR); renowned uw archaeologist
Dr. Miroslav Rozloznik (SK); expertise in hyperbaric medicine, aquanaut and analog astronaut
Michael Schutte (CAN); naval architect and designer of proposed Poseidon Undersea Resorts
Liz Taylor (USA) President of Deep Ocean Exploration & Research (DOER)
Brendon Traxler (USA) Founder of Atlantis Sea Colony
Peter Weiss (D/FR); Founder & CEO of Spartan Space, a start-up working on space and underwater habitats; former member of the board of Directors of COMEX, manager of the dive support team at the European Astronaut Centre EAC.

Dr. Sylvia Earle (USA); President and Chairman of Mission Blue
Ian Koblick (USA) ; Founder and President of the Marine Resources Development Foundation, Tektite-II aquanaut; program manager, designer & manager of La-Chalupa undersea habitat, developer of Jules’ Undersea Lodge
James W. Miller (USA); Pioneer of undersea habitation like Sealab, founder Tektite program 1969-1970 Director of Ocean Technology for the Department of the Interior prior to the formation of NOAA
Jacques Rougerie (FR); Director of “Fondation Jacques Rougerie”

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