Undersea Station: Portholes

(Update 10.04.2023: complete makeover of the article; replaced outdated information; added new aspects from different sources like NASA’s Human Integration Handbook, 2010)

Windows are essential and present the most important reason to operate an underwater habitat. They are necessary for operation, safety and marketing.

This chapter is divided into the following sections:

  • Traffic
  • Tasks
  • Lighting & Glare
  • Windows Support
  • Condensation Prevention System (CPS)
  • Window Replacement
  • Window Covers

Our extensive analysis and proposals are part of the design manual.

Underwater Station: Virtual Porthole

Virtual Porthole inside the Underwater StationHere is an idea for a porthole where the structure of the underwater station does not allow to install one. For example on the ceiling, where penetrations of the shell should be strictly avoided in order to maintain the integrity of the emergency safety area in the upper part of the living area. The Virtual Porthole would consist of a camera on the exterior of the shell and a TV flat screen on same position inside the habitat. Continue reading “Underwater Station: Virtual Porthole”