‘Project Undersea Station’ Introduction

Wordpress Header (updated 30.08.2022; complete re-edit) CalamarPark (a branch of Cabrito Consulting) is located in Germany. It is an independentInitiative for Studies on Aquanauticfounded in 2006. Our aim is to develop a new generation of modular, serial underwater habitats for human occupation with emphasis on the human factor and habitability. The main facility and its mobile module will be open to several purposes, such as underwater archaeology, specialized tourism, space training missions etc. Within this scope we are convinced that this is the best approach to attract attention for the marine habitat and increase interest to its environmental issues.

The proposed underwater habitat should serve inter-/multidisciplinary and international goals. Doubtless it will be of great benefit for any supporting company or regional administration. CalamarPark has extended experience in several corresponding sectors and established a large network of underwater specialists. Based on this network CalamarPark will act as an agency to bring together the best manufacturers for the different components of the habitat.

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Pressure Experiment

© CalamarPark.comThe pressure difference in passenger planes is easily understandable if you take a soft and empty plastic bottle, close it at the highest position of your flight (in the upper part of the image) and watch again while landing. You will see that the pressure makes the bottle shrink (in the lower part of the image). Continue reading “Pressure Experiment”