Undersea Station Draft No.5: Hangar II

(Update 24.11.2020: added possible serial production) This section is about Draft No.5 of the CalamarPark underwater habitat, a hangar type module with right angular docking keys. Having a look at the evaluation list ‘General Considerations‘ it seems like the ideal shape for the undersea station.

Being a stretched shape the living space has the targeted ‘human size‘ and may be used as an environment for ‘reasonable living’.


The two sides of the station have a right angular cut and a standardized docking key, allowing modules with the same docking key to be attached. Future modules might have a third docking key in the middle of the main hull allowing different docking configurations.

Each module contains a corridor that allows to move from one module to the other without passing every single room. Therefore the modules can serve educational, private or scientific purposes which might attract a wider range of potential investors.

The structure will be mounted on a submersible platform and is fully towable. It will consist of five multi-purpose elements. It also provides the ability to be easily lowered to location.

The structure will be protected against drifts by ‘drift shields‘. They cover the space under the structure.

The ceiling of the habitat will be reinforced. In case of water ingress the area between the highest possible breach and the ceiling will serve as an emergency safety zone. In any case this zone will stay with air. Electronics and life-support systems are mounted in this area and there is no hull penetration (for cables or pipes) over the last possible predetermined breaking point, the upper porthole frame. The integrity of this zone is obligatory, while other parts of the habitat will naturally have weak points by hull penetrations like windows, piping etc.

The standardized layout ensures a cost efficient serial production of future modules. The corridor represents a common public space and translation path.

Future Configuration

Because of the docking keys on both sides of the habitat or an additional third side in the middle, there are several different future configurations possible.

Possible configuration of additional modules



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Eduard Martinez
Eduard Martinez
10 months ago

I am fascinated by your project and ideas. I too, have envisioned subsea living and dry shelter homes, hotels and restaurants powered by green energy. I am a PADI certified Dive Master with international diving experience since 5 yr. of age.

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