Chinese Underwater Station

lpg_tankOne of the reasons why the first generation of underwater stations came to an end in the 80’s was the conlusion that it is more effective to use decompression chambers on board of a support vessel instead of placing divers on the bottom of the sea. The oil industry just did not see any reason for undersea stations. Therefore it was surprising that China announced in 2012 that they planned to build an undersea mining station of 60 meters length and 2600 tons of weight until 2030. Information appeared of a depth range of 1000 meters and an ability to support a crew of 33 workers for two months. A smaller 12-crew prototype capable of 18-day dives was set to launch by 2015. Unfortunately there was no news by now if it was built or not. We’ll keep scanning the net for any news. For further details visit China Daily Mail, or The Register.

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