CalamarPark Deck-Shirt

The CalamarPark Deck-ShirtFor working and relaxing on deck we created this deck-shirt. We noticed that after a dive you are often shivering, while staying in the sun leads to a sunburn and the shade might be to cool. We needed a shirt that protects partially from the sun and its reflection from the water surface without keeping the summer heat in it, and still leaves the wind through its textile. We also wanted to cover our head without to be forced to wear a cap, that heats up even more and is easily forgotten on the boat.

After testing various prototypes we found a certain fabric from the Aegean Sea, that has been proven successful by being used traditionally in that region. The shirt was designed with a hood to also protect the head from the sun when spending long hours on the boat. The fabric still let’s a certain percentage of sunlight through, which means, that you still get a slight suntan. Moreover lush breezes are passing the very light textile and dries your body after swimming or diving.

The first series was made for the staff of a diving center in one of the hottest regions of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. These workers are exposed to the harsh sun for long hours everyday. After some requested modifications all users were very content with the design and the functionality. Customers immediately asked for purchasing and used the shirt for a long time.


  • traditional textile from the Aegean Sea
  • timeless design
  • long-lasting material
  • long sleeves and hood
  • sun protection by light colour
  • wind permeable
  • very light material
  • tested in-situ (saltwater humidity)
  • proved as popular for customer sale

For further information do not hesitate to contact Mart directly.

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