Augmented Reality Underwater

Augmented Reality Underwater by Hololens in Neemo 21How helpful would it be to have Augmented Reality underwater in a closed environment like an Undersea Station? NASA experimented with Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) by using Microsofts HoloLens at the Aquarius Reef Base off the coast of Key Largo, Florida, in late July/August 2015. Potential astronauts used the device for tasks like checking emergency breathing equipment. Therefore they were going through a series of steps ranging from turning valves to finding and plugging in equipment, and setting up equipment to support an undersea robot.

Project Sidekick

The Hololens is supposed to be used on the International Space Station (ISS), where it is going to provide live support from mission control via a system called Sidekick. It contains two modes: the Remote Expert Mode and the Procedure Mode. For the first mode Skype for HoloLens is used connecting an expert on the ground live to the place of action in space. This expert is able to see the same working area then the user on the ISS and assists where needed. The Procedure Mode provides live support on any issue by using recorded graphic or audio/video hints. Get all insights on…

Using Augmented Reality underwater in Calamar-Park

Using the HoloLens and Mixed or Augmented Reality underwater would be of great value in our station providing all necessary data to the supervising user. The approach of using two different modes would be a great increase in safety and make maintenance inside the station much easier. At the same time we always should pay attention that remote technologies require reliable internet and on-board server connections as well as reliable devices for end users.  Therefore it is surely not wrong to establish a system that might be easily executable manually for the case of a total blackout, while AR must be not more than an additional and nice-to-have assistance. As a result we will keep an eye on new developments and wish, that they will be stable and maybe a little cheaper in the future.

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