Das Unterwasser-Restaurant Ithaa

Unterwasser-Restaurant IthaaDer Wikipedia-Artikel über das Unterwasser-Restaurant Ithaa auf den Malediven ist abgeschlossen und online. Hier geht’s zum Artikel.

(Image: Wikimedia- Taken by Alexey Potov – Noblige)

History of Underwater Habitats

Check out Wikipedia for all information about the history of Underwater Habitats. We just finished the preparation for the same article on the German Wikipedia and will continue to add the results of our investigations there.

Image by Wikimedia Foundation

Tektite Habitat on Wikipedia

OAR/National Undersea Research Program (NURP)The Tektite habitat was an underwater laboratory which was the home to divers during Tektite I and II programs. The Tektite program was the first scientists-in-the-sea program sponsored nationally. The habitat capsule was placed in Great Lameshur Bay, Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands in 1969 and again in 1970. Get all information on Wikipedia.